Watkins Glen Rainbow Falls

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YES! Finally got it! The first time I saw this waterfall, I was floored. You come around a corner and at first you just see the “auxiliary” falls on the left. Then in the course of just a few excited steps the rest of this amazing scene seems to materialize right in front of you! As the bridge and three tiered falls comes into view, you’re literally taken aback – this incredible scene just smacks you in the face. I’m sure I stood there quite awhile with my jaw gaping. However… Than reality reared its ugly head once I was back home. My first attempt a few years back featured murky water that didn’t look so great once I got back home. That, and I realized this scene would probably look better in the fall than summer anyway. Next attempt was fall 2011 – again, no dice. WAY too much water and, frankly, I was a little too late. Most of the leaves had already dispersed and the background just wasn’t what I was hoping for. However, fall 2012 comes around and things are looking better. Water was good and luckily I hit it right at peak color. Perfect background, great water, and LOTS of leaves on the rocks! I took a variety of shots, but really liked this composition – even used a stitching technique to give me a 50 megapixel final image! (This will blow up HUGE – we’re talking a 40″+ print!) Funny thing is, I went JUST for this shot. Drove 8 hours one way, stayed overnight, spent an hour shooting, drove 8 hours back home!

Date Added
February 25, 2013
Date Taken
February 25, 2013

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