The Spirit Of The Islands

Nearest Area
The Ko'olau Mountain Range
Brief Directions

Drive to the Pali lookout. Hike to the right down the old closed road. Continue past the end of the road on the mountainside for about 30-50 minutes depending on the whether (it was extremely difficult for me because of the intense wind- which is one of the Pali's main attractions.) Then look to your left and that is the view I photographed.


Dramatic lighting and vibrant beauty sets the scene for the entirety of the Ko'olau mountain range. To the left of the frame is the site of the battle of Nuuanu, which King Kamehameha won to unite the islands we now know today as the islands of Hawaii. -After an exhausting hike beginning at the Pali lookout through the vast Ko'olau mountains in Hawaii, I stopped to rest. Staying closer to the mountain side, I took pictures of the various plants and small creatures inhabiting that area. On my way down, the light began to change dramatically. Flat browns became bright and luscious greens while the sky became bright and full of blue. I took this shot again and again, but other trees kept getting in the way. I didn't want to miss this shot for the world so I stood on the very edge of the cliff on an outcropping which allowed me to use the entire wide angle capacity of my lens. This is the shot I created.

Date Added
February 27, 2013
Date Taken
February 27, 2013

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