Autumn Forest

Nearest Area
Smoky Mountains National Park
Cherokee, NC
Brief Directions

: From Cherokee, go north on US 441 past the Oconaluftee Visitor Center in Smoky Mountains National Park and then look for Smokemont Riding Stables and the Lufty Baptist Church From here go about 1 to 1.5 miles further an d look for a parking lot on the left. This stand of trees is on the north end of the parking lot.


Slightly side lighted and back lighted by breaks of sunshine in the clouds, this stand of hardwoods in various shades of green, yellows and orange caught my eye as we were getting ready to head on down the road after a short photo stop. I grabbed my camera and ran to the end of the parking lot and started snapping pictures. I then hand held three shots, being careful to align them as well as could be expected by hand, with the hope of being able to stitch them together. I feel I succeeded and here is the panorama aspect of that composite. It is one of my wife’s favorites and we had it printed on metal at 15” X 45” and it just glows on the wall. I think even BIGGER would look better and it would be easy as the file size and dimensions of this composite are quite large. You can see more fall foliage from other trips to this area at our web site at:

Date Added
November 16, 2012
Date Taken
November 16, 2012

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