Art Of Expression Photo Contest Contest Winners

One World In Focus Theme - First Place: Jen Guyton

Title: Untitled

Ibo Island, in the Quirimbas Archipelago off the coast of northern Mozambique, was once a trade hub for the Portuguese and Omani Arabs. Now many of its centuriesold buildings sit in ruin, but the 17th-century star-shaped Fort of São João is well preserved and plays host to the island’s silversmith collective. These men produce unique jewelry using ancient Arab techniques. This old man was placing intricate details on a foursome of fish before firing them. The late-afternoon light that came into the workshop reflected off the tiny bits of metal like actual fish scales.

People's Choice: Krzysztof Browko

Title: Cypress

The Narrative Video Theme - First Place: Thomas Webb

Title: Canyon del Muerto, Arizona

“My Self-Portrait” features Thomas C. Webb’s description of his love of climbing and the climbing community. The video has a combination of video capture and time-lapse.

People's Choice: Marylou Badeaux

Title: Sounders Island Falkland Island

The Expressive Portrait Theme - First Place: Aaron Lucy

Title: Andrew Payne

Andrew, the performer, is a composer for film and television who lives in Los Angeles. I wanted to portray the idea that Andrew’s compositions are influenced by his life in Los Angeles and its people. The image was made on the edge of MacArthur Park, close to downtown Los Angeles.

All About Light Theme - Honorable Mention: David Shield

Title: Swoosh

I was driving through Mt. Rainier National Park, when I first noticed this scene begin to unfold. I quickly pulled over, grabbed my gear and began running toward the mountain, through the deep fresh new snow. With no idea where I was going, it seemed as if time was standing still. I must have ran about half a mile or so, when I arrived at this clearing. Of course, I then ended up waiting for about 45 minutes until the sun was low enough to cause the cloud that envelops the mountain, to glow.

All About Light Theme - People's Choice: Garry Everett

Title: Tranquility

Sunrise at Convict Lake, image was under exposed 2/3 of a stop to create high contrast and saturated color. I used graduated ND filter to even out reflection and get detail in foreground (rocks).

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