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Equipment Info
Canon Canon PowerShot SD790 IS
Nearest Area
La Playa Bay
San Diego
Brief Directions

Near the construction site.


Photo 5 in a photo essay. Slightly edited for saturation, brightness/contrast, and levels.


If the bacteria level keeps stable then the beaches will be open year-round. However, if it doesn't, then more beach advisory days will take affect, but it at least means that people will be healthy. There is a way for humans to clean up the rivers, the bays, and the oceans, but there are always issues coming up like "there is too much trash to clean up" for the case of the million-ton Pacific Gyre. Not only that, there are a lot of underfunded organizations trying to promote ways to prevent pollution, like Think Blue San Diego and the Point Loma Waste Water Treatment Plant's Sewer Science program. If the government doesn't tell the general public about what's in the water, though, they won't know until its too late. Each generation seems to leave the world in a worse shape than the world they inherited. There should be a way to turn this around. The pollution not only affects the environment but humans as well... so it's time to clean up our act.

Date Added
December 2, 2009
Date Taken
December 2, 2009

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