Moth Confetti

Nearest Area
Highway 2 on the boundary of Glacier National Park in the Flathead River
West Glacier

This was hand held because I had more creative freedom and was able to get into a positions I normally wouldn't have been able to get into with a tripod.
Tech Stuff
Photographed in October 2018
Nikon D810
Nikon 24-70mm with VR
F16-1/160 ISO 1400 (I was relatively close to my subject and needed extended depth of field. I needed to stop movement in the water and leaves and because I was hand holding I needed a faster shutter speed and higher ISO)
I used a polarizer to cut surface reflection which restricted at least two stops of light another reason I need to increase the ISO for a faster shutter speed.


I was exploring in Glacier National Park at the middle fork of the Flathead River and came across this amazing display of moths floating on top of the water between some rocks. There were so many of them collected together creating a beautiful play on an abstract images. To me it almost looked impressionistic. All the moths were laying onto of a floating blanket of aspen leaves.

Date Added
December 3, 2018