A Kayaker’s Spirit


A Kayaker's Spirit.
Our trip started with an 8-hour drive from Chico to Portland, OR on Friday. With a wedding to shoot Saturday, we couldn't really waste any time on our way up to ensure we arrived on-time. My second photographer and I left early Friday.
Saturday, we shot the wedding all day and crashed that night, exhausted. If any of you are photographers in the wedding industry, you know how we felt that night - backs aching, feet sore, and legs exhausted.
This still didn't keep us from venturing out on Sunday to see about a half dozen waterfalls, including one that eluded me last time because I didn't have enough details to find the waterfall.
It was off the road in the Washington side of the gorge, in the middle of nowhere. There were no marked trails, but you could hear the roar of the falls from the road.
As we traversed lower and lower down the steep terrain, we started to see the spectacular blue water ahead of us.
Once we came into view of the falls, I couldn't believe how huge and amazing it looked; and we had it all to ourselves...for now.
Little did we know that we timed it perfectly to not only see 1 kayaker go off the falls (intentionally), but four! At first, we saw 3 kayakers surveying the falls. 1 stayed, while two hiked down. The single kayaker then took the plunge over the falls followed by 3 more about 30 minutes later. It was incredible to see and it gave a sense of just how massive this falls is.
I'm so glad that I didn't let the aches from the long day Saturday ruin my chances of getting to this falls. It was one of the best waterfalls I've ever seen.
Taken January 10th, 2016
Nikon D810
14-24mm at 21mm
f/22 at 1.6s
ISO 200
Circular Polarizer

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August 9, 2016