Salmon Creek Dawn

Equipment Info
143mm / f/8 / 1/4 sec. / ISO 100

Mt. Hood is such an icon of living in the Portland Area. The mountain provides a unlimited supply of unique looks as the seasons change and as the sun and the moon reposition themselves through the course of the year. Orange sunrises like this, silhouetting Mt Hood are common. You just have to pick your foreground. I found the spot for this shot completely by accident but, like a lot of photographers, just by keeping my eyes open. I was actually participating in a half-marathon and the turn-around spot for the "down & back" race was about 25 yards from where this shot was taken at the far western edge of Salmon Creek Regional Park in Vancouver, WA. I had just made the turn and was coming back in when I passed this viewpoint and stopped dead in my tracks, mid-race, to marvel at the natural composition of the view. I've been going back to the same spot regularly to shoot ever since. The mist on Salmon Creek on this September morning managed to catch the light just right. Fifteen minutes after this shot was taken, the sun came up, fully blanketing the spot in light, and the colors were washed out - gone.

Shot with a Pentax 645Z Camera, 1/4 sec @ f / 8.0, ISO 100, Pentax 80-160mm lens at 145mm, with a Tiffen 2-stop graduated neutral density filter.

Date Added
August 9, 2016
Date Taken
September 27, 2015