Silent Rainbow

Equipment Info
Canon EOS 5DS R
16mm / f/13 / 1/80 sec. / ISO 250

I was tracking a large thunderstorm as it moved through the western portion of Zion National Park during a rare autumn monsoon. Watching the radar I estimated it would be in this valley near sunset. I hunkered down in some brush and waited for the storm to pass. It isn’t very often I fear for my life, but this was one instance I did. Lightning was striking all around as I was pelted by hail and heavy rain. After the storm passed I uncovered to witness one of the most surreal sights I have ever seen!

In recent years I have been striving to capture more unique and lesser known locations. There has been a lot of failure but some very successful shots, this being one of them. I have found that if you are exposing your camera to extreme temperature, rain, and other elements you are going to capture something amazing!

Image details:

Location: Kolob Terrace, Zion National Park.
Canon 5DS R

Canon 11-24 @16mm
Shutter speed: 1/80 sec
Aperture: f/13
ISO: 250

Date Added
August 9, 2016
Date Taken
October 17, 2015