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Nearest Area
Mokolea Point
Brief Directions
Heading counter-clockwise around the island towards the Kilauea light house, take the unpaved road just before you get there. Drive as far as you can go, then park and continue hiking. Around to the left of the cliff face, you'll find the pools. These are well-documented and can be found by a google search of Pools of Mokolea.
I was joking with a fellow photographer about how sometimes you end up with #naturefails - situations in which the natural colors clash or otherwise "dont feel right." That was the situation with the color version of this photo. The foreground was a beautiful steel blue, but the background was a sickly cranberry. Instead of trying to re-color the scene, I went with a black and white treatment. What appears to be "God lights" in the back are actually waves captured at a longer exposure crashing over the rocks. Thanks for taking a look!
The waterfalls and whirlpools formed when the strong winter waves rush through the Mokolea lava pool, to erupt in a mighty blast, then withdraw. Taken on Kauai, Hawaii.
Date Added
May 5, 2018

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