The Mighty Yosemite And Moon Bows

Equipment Info
-9567956/1000000 sec. / ISO 50
Nearest Area
Yosemite Valley
El Portal, California
Yosemite Falls the tallest waterfall in America is also one of the most photographed falls in the Untied States. To many it is the most iconic image in Yosemite and I would have to agree. When the falls are raging you can feel the force and mist as well as hear its thundering sound. Trying to catch a unique image of this magnificent sight is a challenge all on its own. I hiked up the upper Yosemite Falls Trail and decided that this was my favorite view to try and catch a rainbow from the full moon in the mist of the falls. I set up and waited, and waited, and waited. I had been told that the moon bow would happen at 830, and that if I didn't see it it wouldn't be happening. It never happened at the upper falls, but I didn't give up. The angle of the moon didn't look correct to reflect the light thus creating a rainbow. I was going to wait until I thought the moon was at the right angle in my mind to make the rainbow before I left because as a photographer you must be patient and trust your instincts to capture the image your creating in your mind. 12am came and a faint rainbow began to form in the Valley at the bottom of the falls creating a rainbow valley of small waterfalls. Over the next hour the rainbow became more prominent and a second more faint rainbow formed in the mist of Yosemite falls. Sitting alone off the trail close to the side of a cliff at 1am I captured a unique image of Yosemite Falls. I hadn't seen anyone hiking up or down in over four hours, and I am happy to have spent a night alone with the mighty Yosemite and moon bows.
Date Added
May 8, 2018

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