0067 Moffat Ranch Sierra

Nearest Area
Alabama Hills and Sierra Nevada mountains
Lone Pine
Brief Directions
If coming from Bishop, California proceed south toward Lone Pine on highway 395. Drive to Independence which is 42 miles. Manzanar historical site is about 10 miles further on the right and after passing Manzanar look for a turnoff on the right (approximately 9 miles) for Moffat ranch road. There is a sign on the other side of 395, but I did not see one going south so look for the turn off. Once on the gravel road drive ahead until you see lush pastures and trees and cattle grazing. Ahead is a fork in the road and continuing on takes you into the Alabama hills and the road is now Movie Flats road. If you come to Lone Pine turn around and go back.
Canon 5D mk II, Canon EF 24-105mm f4L IS USM at 95mm. RRS TVC23 tripod with BH40 bullhead.
Approaching this area at sunrise for the second time unveiled an entirely different picture from what had been seen previously, in that a thick fog was hanging over the mountain tops. The way I found which yielded the best results, considering the fog covered mountains along with an over abundance of foliage, was to get in close with a telephoto focal range of 95mm. This composition gives a feeling of the tall grasses and trees being much closer to the base of the mountains. The mountains loom in the background adding to their monumentality with an air of mystery.
Date Added
May 10, 2018

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