9009 Death Valley from Aguereberry Point

Nearest Area
Stovepipe Wells
Panamint Springs, California
Brief Directions
From Lone Pine, California and highway 395 proceed south a short drive to highway 136 and the Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor's Center. Keep on 136 as soon it will turn (18 miles) into highway 190. From the junction of 136 and 395 it is 104 miles to the Furnace Creek Visitor's Center, or if you are stopping at Stovepipe Wells thats closer. If you want to drive directly to Aguereberry point at 6,280 feet then from Panamint Springs proceed for 21.4 miles to the Emigrant Canyon Road and turn right and go 11.6 miles to the Harrisburg and Eureka mine turn. This road goes all the way up to Aguereberry Point. It is a rough road, but a front wheel drive can make it. The parking area is as far as you can go. The view is spectacular and that is why French Pete Aguereberry built it so he could take visitors up and show them the view. For a days drive its good.
Canon 5D mk II, Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L II USM at 16mm, 1 second at f22 ISO 50. RRS TVC23 tripod with BH40 bullhead.
Keeping the camera steady with the front leg extending down to the grade and the other legs resting on the Zabriske quartzite formations gave a good angle of view with a "V" shape leading in. Looking out over a vast landscape of escarpments strewn with boulders and quartzite while plummeting down to Bad Water Basin and far beyond a sand storm can be seen stirring up the air. From a geologic perspective this picture is a diagram of the way Death Valley was created in that these huge blocks of rock are uplifting tectonic plates that can be seen in many areas of the park.
Date Added
May 10, 2018

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