Glacial Stream -Two Medicine Lake – Glacier National Park

Nearest Area
Glacier National Park
St. Mary, MT
Two medicine lake lies about an hour south of St. Mary, Montana, on the east side of Glacier National Park. This lake one of the prettiest in the park and is not as well traveled as most parts of the park. At certain times of year, when the glacial run off is high, swift streams flow down into the lake. I bushwhacked for a few miles through the pristine evergreen forest to find this magical spot. There was an ample presence of bear scat along the way, prompting me to engage in my usual discussion with the trees and nature around me in order alert wildlife of my presence. I returned a few years later only to find this once vibrant stream had been reduced to a trickle by climate change.
Date Added
March 28, 2019
Date Taken
September 24, 2016
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