The Stars Above

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Monument Valley
Kayenta, AZ
Monument Valley is an iconic symbol of the American West and for great reason. The starkness of the red buttes erupting from the earth's surface are something to behold both visually and spiritually. I planned my visit last year to the sacred ground with the specific goal of shooting the scene on a night with a new moon and the core of the Milky Way as a backdrop. I wanted to marry the etherial nature of an infinite sky with a foreground that has such significance on Earth - especially to the Navajo people. Like most photographers, we focus so much on getting "the shot" that we often don't take the time to simply absorb the scene with our own eyes. That wasn't the case here. The enormity of the surroundings was overwhelming to me and I must have simply stared into the night sky for a solid hour after composing and completing the shot. It was an hour I couldn't have spent better.
Date Added
April 10, 2019
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