Lightning Over Salt Valley


I took this Photo During a Two week trek through New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, covering over 3,500 miles and many locations. I spent many days at Arches National Park looking for drama. On my last day I had hiked to Tower Arch and Marching Men. As I was hiking back to car it began to rain heavily on me and the lightning was severe. I was worried that my tripod or gear may attract the lightning so I was moving fast. As I topped Klondike Bluff the storm had moved past me and I sopped to rest on top of the bluff before descending down the bluff to the parking area. I stood and watched the storm move over the valley. As I watched the lightning I set up my tripod and began to shoot. The scene was absolutely gorgeous. I was shooting as fast as I could to attempt to capture the lightning and also watch the light moving rapidly between the clouds and onto the foreground and the Valley floor. I was so excited when I noticed that I captured the lightning at the extreme of its burst. Call it luck but, it worked out. I wasn't even there to shoot this, it just happened.

Date Added
May 21, 2012
Date Taken
May 21, 2012

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