Mokelumne Wilderness

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS REBEL T2i

Photographer: Mike Clasen II Location: Mokelumne Wilderness in California, off the Carson Pass. When did you take the photograph? August 2011 What equipment did you use? Canon EOS Rebel T2i, Canon f/4 - 17 to 40mm L lens, Manfrotto 190XB Tripod with Manfrotto three way pan tilt head, HOYA Circular Polarizer. Please describe how you got this photo? I traveled to the Carson Pass from Reno, NV on an early August afternoon to go hiking up to Winnemucca Lake from the Carson Pass. I brought my camera gear to shoot the wildflowers and High Sierra scenery during my hike. I saw this dead tree sitting right off the trail that caught my eye, so in the late afternoon, I setup my tripod and camera and composed a portrait shot with a foreground of granite, wildflowers, and a dead fallen tree with its roots in the sky curling over “Round Top” in the background. Did you use any special techniques? No special techniques… I shot this image with a higher f-stop and slower shutter speed. I adjusted my polarizer slightly so not to darken the sky much, alleviate edge vignette, and to bring out some more color in the overall shot. I also used a two second timer to fire off the shutter, and used my hand to block sun flare (which my lens hood could not), since I was pointing partially towards the sun for this composition. The image was post processed in CameraRAW and finished up in Photoshop. Why is this scene of the American Landscape special to you? The Carson Pass is definitely one of the best places in the Sierra’s to view wildflowers in the summer, and the High Sierra landscape accompanied with this wildflower display, makes hiking in the Mokelumne Wilderness an awesome and unforgettable experience. The summer of 2011 was especially unique due to the heavier than normal spring and summer snow melt, the wildflower fields were incredible in mid/late July, and August.

Date Added
May 22, 2012
Date Taken
May 22, 2012

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