Nearest Area
The Rachel Carson Reserve
Beaufort, NC
Brief Directions
Beaufort is located approximately 3 hours Southeast from Raleigh, NC and approximately 2 hours North of Wilmington, NC.
I had the opportunity to film the wild horses on Carrot Island in Beaufort, North Carolina recently. This area is only accessible by boat. I was able to see the horses at the water hole, on the beach, by the creek and in the marsh. They are amazing animals and it was wonderful to get to see them interact with each other in their environment. From lining up at the watering hole and waiting their turn to watching one stallion try to invade another stallion's harem, it is clear how their social network works. They can be very friendly to each other and, like in this instance, not too much. Nikon D850 150-600mm Sigma Sport Lens f/8 at 220mm 1/1600 second ISO 800
Date Added
June 19, 2019