Grizzly boar diving for dead salmon near Devils Cove in Katmai NP

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS-1D X
9643856/1000000 sec. / ISO 1600
Nearest Area
Devils Cove, Katmai National Park
One of the things you notice first about the grizzlies in Katmai National Park in Alaska is how diverse they are: their fur can be dark brown, light brown, red, blonde, or almost black; some bears have big ears, some have small ears, and a few have tiny ears…or no ears at all. They even have different shaped nostrils. Some bears are relaxed around humans, some are fearful and cautious, and some can be curious or aggressive. And they all have different fishing and food gathering styles. Some are almost hopeless at catching fish, others are incredibly efficient and successful. The grizzly in this photo favored diving to the bottom of the streams and pools to collect the dead salmon that sank down after spawning. We stood on the bank and watched him diving for a couple of hours.
Date Added
June 19, 2019
Date Taken
September 5, 2017