Toucan with Berry (Tikal NP)

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 7D Mark II
11643856/1000000 sec. / ISO 5000
Nearest Area
Tikal National Park
this was taken in the Jungle Lodge area of Tikal national park in mid morning. We were on our way to lunch in the lodge restaurant after returning from a morning shoot in the park and heard a rustling in the trees. With a little help from our guide we spotted this fellow in a nearby palm tree. But, he was backlit. A few moments later he flew a few hundred yards away to another tree along the entrance road to the lodge, so we followed along. Now he was mostly hidden behind leaves and branches but was quite happy with the berries he had found there. So, we waited a bit more and once again he flew off to another tree 30 or 40 yards away to eat his berry. This time the light was coming from a usable direction and he wasn't hidden behind foliage to I fired off a couple of dozen shots. This one caught him just as he was about to swallow the berry.
Toucan with berry, Jungle Lodge, Tikal National Park, Guatemala
Date Added
July 6, 2019
Date Taken
November 12, 2014