Call of the Wild

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 7D Mark II
614400/65536 sec. / ISO 2000
Nearest Area
Dutchess County
Rhinebeck, NY
I was headed to my local park to photograph when I caught glimpse of this coyote on the far back edge of the woods and this field on some horse stable property. It was a brisk March evening and I did not have on the correct shoes to trek across the field but I did not want to pass up an opportunity with one of my favorite species. I slowly made my way out into the field to get into position a little closer without disturbing it. It did eventually catch glimpse of me and trotted off into the woods. I figured I had blown my chance and would walk away with mediocre distant photos. I hung around a few more minutes and noticed some beautiful evening light sitting on this hillside just to the left of the woods it had entered. I thought to myself how wonderful it would be if it reappeared in this exact location. Well God must have known my thoughts! As luck would have it, my patience of waiting around a bit longer paid off and it reappeared on top of the hill and was beautifully backlit. My heart started to race and I just fired away as many shots as possible, hoping that something would be sharp and in focus. He began to bark and his breath was also lit by the setting sun. I figured he wasn't happy with me being there and sending me a message so I happily made my way back across the field towards my car in excitement as to what just unfolded in front of my very own eyes. It was a truly special moment I will never forget. The coolest part is, I spotted him again a couple months ago around the same time of year in the same field. I think he has a successful den back in the woods where they raise their pups each year.
Date Added
July 11, 2019
Date Taken
February 26, 2018