Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5DS R
10287712/1000000 sec. / ISO 2000
Nearest Area
Yellowstone National Park
Even a grizzly needs its mom. I'd already been up all night doing some astrophotography in Yellowstone NP. I'd planned a couple naps during the night, but they never quite worked out. The next day was one great wildlife encounter after the next, and I was really just trying to get back to the hotel to sleep. As I approached Specimen Valley, the line of cars said there was a bear in the area. I parked and walked to the edge of the road. In the distance, a mother grizzly and her two cubs were walking up the valley. It became apparent that they were going to come to the road. The volunteers did a great job and cleared a "window" for the bears to walk through. I got my car moved and walked back to be on the right side of the light. The bears disappeared behind a ridge and suddenly crested it about 100 yards away. Mom appeared first and then one of her cubs. They were obviously nervous about the amount of people in the area. When the first cub got to the top of the hill, it stood up and peered over the sage; clutching on to mom for a moment as they figured out their next steps.
Date Added
July 14, 2019
Date Taken
June 3, 2019