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Nearest Area
Virunga National Park (now called Volanoes National Park)
Brief Directions
The Mountain Gorilla is found in the Virunga Mountain range of Congo, Unganda and Rwanda. I entered through the Rwandan side where Diane Fossey started her study in 1967. Access to the Mountain Gorilla is limited and only through the Volcanoes National Park ranger station through a reservation system. The hike to gain access is 3 to 7 miles one way in the jungle without a path and without a guarantee the rangers can find the gorilla family. Once the family has been found, the rangers will 'ask permission' from the silver back through a series of grunts and gestures. Once accepted you have 60 min of contact. No tripods allowed.
I was privileged for have photographed Agashya's family twice. Once in 2014 and again in 2018. The Rwandan park service works hard to protect the mountain gorillas from poaching and human contact. This is an expensive photo shoot and worth every penny spent. You are in the wild, you are in a jungle without trails...thus all sorts of adventures can occur.
This Mountain Gorilla mother was resting in the the sun on a bamboo canopy. The newborn babe was the newest edition to the tribe at 7 days old.
Date Added
July 29, 2019
Date Taken
January 25, 2018