Well, Howdy, Neighbor

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS REBEL T5i
8965784/1000000 sec. / ISO 1600
Central City
This image is a compilation of two photos. The final image is exactly what I saw, but I took one zoomed out photo (focal length 150mm) of the farmhouse window and one zoomed in photo (focal length 500mm) of the racoon's face, then used Photoshop to put the two images together. I did this because my camera takes clearer pictures zoomed in, and I wanted to make sure I got the racoon in perfect focus. I have RAW files of both images.
I was waiting for a fox. Flat on the ground behind a log on a chilly 15 degree January day, watching a fox hole at the back corner of the abandoned farmhouse in front of me. Two hours and no fox later, I was about to give it up when this little guy waddled up to the window and stuck his head out, just like any friendly neighbor come to say hi.
Date Added
July 30, 2019
Date Taken
January 19, 2019