MWH_4786 Bald Eagle

Nearest Area
Klamath Basin
Klamath Falls
Brief Directions
The Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge is located on the border of California and Oregon. It has excellent driving access and it takes most of the day to explore all the refuge by car. I also frequently visit the nearby Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge which is about a 20 minute drive from LKNWR.
Wish I could enter them all, but this is just one of hundreds of Bald Eagle photos I took one magical day at the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge. Because I live a half hour away from the refuge where hundreds of eagles visit each winter, I have, by now, almost a ho humm attitude when I see an eagle because I have so many beautiful eagle photos at this point. This day was extraordinary. I feel sure I will never be privileged to see something like what I saw that day again. The bird was sitting by the road and I almost drove by because I has so many similar photos. But I stopped. And this is what happened next: It turned out the eagle was fighting with another eagle over a pheasant and it had dropped the half-eaten bird in the tall weeds along the canal by the road and was looking for it. It would fly up into the air a few feet to scan for the pheasant, then land, walk a few feet, and fly up to scan some more. The process went on long enough for me to get hundreds of photos of the beautiful bird lifting, flying, and landing until it finally found the pheasant. And when it finally found the missing bird, another eagle came swooping out of nowhere trying to steal the carcass. The light was perfect that day, the eagles were very close and not paying attention to me. Hope I picked the right photo for the contest because every photo I took was sharp, in focus, and perfect.
Date Added
August 1, 2019