MWH_5050 Piebald Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk

Nearest Area
Klamath Basin
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Brief Directions
This photo was taken on Stateline Road accessed from Hwy 97 (at the California/Oregon border) where the signage indicates the turnoff to Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge.
Seeing this beautiful and rare bird was the result of not sitting at home watching Netflix movies and eating bon bons, but rather of visiting wildlife hot spots 3-4 times a week. During the height of the hawk migration through the Klamath Basin, there are hawks on every highway and refuge sign, it seems. I look at each one carefully, always hoping to find a bird I haven’t photographed before, but never would I have thought I would see this piebald leucistic Red-Tailed Hawk. But there it was, as other visitors to the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge went by, oblivious to the magic they were missing. It was sitting on a sign post, then it flew and I got a couple dozen clear and sharp photos before it disappeared. I reported its location to the local bird sighting group, and for two days after a couple of them saw the bird too, but then it disappeared, never to be seen again.
Date Added
August 1, 2019