MWH_9784 Great Blue Herons

Nearest Area
Klamath Basin
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Brief Directions
The Lower Klamath NationalWildlife Refuge is accessed from Stateline Road on the border of Oregon and California, USA.
I wish the story of these two lovebirds had a happy ending but it does not because life can be harsh and unforgiving for wildlife. It started off in March as usual for these birds and other Great Blue Herons with the fixing up and repairing of last year’s nests high atop the ancient willow trees. I spent hours photographing their mating and nesting behaviors over the next two months, including attacks by Red-tailed hawks and ravens after their eggs. I am guessing the herons had to start over more than once because of stolen eggs. I also noted (from the interior of my pickup) that Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge visitors who got out of their cars to see them better were sending them into panicked flight every time. This pair didn’t give up, but others left and abandoned their nests. My friends and I could see radar images showing a huge thunderstorm cell and fierce wind storm hung over their area for hours one night and that was too much. By mid June the last of them were, sadly, gone. I hope they will try again next year.
Date Added
August 1, 2019