Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 6D Mark II
5321928/1000000 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
Zion National Park
Springdale, Utah
Brief Directions
In Zion's Main Canyon on a bend of the Virgin River near the Temple of Sinawava.
The Great Blue Heron to many is a symbol of the self. It represents the ideas of independence and self-determination alongside the ability to adapt and progress. Lately, I’ve been photographing this gorgeous bird in Zion, and lately I’ve been trying to focus more on my own individual happiness. This heron’s movement is slow and deliberate whether perched on a cottonwood or wading through the Virgin River. It has a majestic yet solemn nature to it, and its presence fills me with appreciation for myself when I need it most. I captured this moment on Saturday, January 26th 2019. It was a sunny, beautiful day in Zion and my mental state was calm. I relaxed with some coffee and lunch on a boulder around the bend in the Temple of Sinawava area where this heron is often perched. I made my way to the riverbank and saw the heron in one of its usual spots. I made my way closer and closer and felt as if the heron remembered me in a way. I planted my tripod on a boulder about 15 feet away from the heron and set up this composition. I opted for this composition because I love the way the sandstone walls catch the direct sunlight. To me, the light clears up the muddled landscape of the background and adds depth. I mainly wanted to try and get the closest shot I could without making the heron uncomfortable, and I feel that this was the prime distance for both of us. Since stumbling upon this heron the first time I always felt as if there was a reason I kept finding it. Everything happens for a reason. I believe that more and more everyday. I think I found this heron to understand the importance of retaining my identity, and to care for myself. Much like this heron, I’m adapting to my surroundings and progressing in my individual happinesses. It’s important to be myself, and care for myself.
Date Added
August 4, 2019
Date Taken
January 26, 2019