Instincts of Survival

Equipment Info
Apple iPhone SE
84572/17235 sec. / ISO 50
Nearest Area
Sardine Lakes, CA
Bassetts, CA
Brief Directions
from Bassetts, CA travel 4 miles north on Gold Lake Hwy to Forest Service road 09. Dispersed camping is located along this road.
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On a recent camping trip near Sardine Lakes, CA I was dispersed camping a couple miles down a dirt road and noticed a hole in a fallen tree (standing about 4 feet high) with a nest inside. There was one hatchling and 3 eggs in the nest. The next morning when I woke up I went to check on the hatchling I saw that night before and there was 1 egg left and 2 more new hatchlings that made their appearance overnight. Pictured is one of them reaching high up waiting for the arrival of food. Watching these hatchlings in their natural habitat was a special moment as I enjoyed the marvel of birth and but also felt the reality of the struggle for survival, not knowing if all of these hatchlings will survive the wild and make it long enough to fly out of the nest. But that's the beauty of nature, life comes and goes and it's a marvel to witness both sides of it.
Date Added
August 5, 2019
Date Taken
July 28, 2019