Cricket Champ

Nearest Area
SW Florida
Cape Coral
Brief Directions
Anyone interested in seeing burrowing owls needn't do anything but ride around the village of Cape Coral to look for nests that have been well-marked with PVC pipes by the locals. The amount of protection that has been given to these wonderful small owls is great - including prohibiting construction on any property on which owls have built a nest. There is a wealth of information online, including how to photograph the burrows at a distance that does not stress the owls.
Weighing less than 6 oz, these owls are protected by the US/Canada/Mexico Migratory Bird Treaty. They are typically monogamous and will often use burrows year-after-year to nest. The burrows are often "decorated" with garbage (cigarette butts and the like) at the entrance, the purpose of which is unknown.
After a full day of shooting owls, I pulled into the local library parking lot to review my shots. I noticed this particular owl was hunting outside of the nest with prolific success. S/he looked my way after a particular large catch as if to share the moment.
Date Added
August 9, 2019
Date Taken
March 3, 2019