Gangs All Here

Equipment Info
7321928/1000000 sec. / ISO 1600
Nearest Area
Masai Mara
Camera: Fuji X-T2 Lens: Fuji XF 100-400 Settings: ISO 1600 / f 5.6 / 1/160sec / 359mm (538mm Full Frame equivalent)
This image was shot in June 2019 on my first trip to Kenya. I fell in love with the country and the people and am already planning to go back next year if I can arrange the time. This mom and her three cubs entertained us for nearly an hour as they played with each other as mom alternately slept and stood guard at the slightest sound (shown here as she awoke suddenly to the sound of hyenas nearby). The cubs practiced their hunting skills chasing each other and batting their kin about in mock fights in between lunging at tails in the grass and rolling off mom as if she were a jungle gym. Six of us in our Landcruiser were left with huge smiles on our faces after watching these three youngsters play like any human child would or most other juvenile animals would for that matter. The pride slept nearby and though not certian I am sure they were all keeping a watchful eye out and an ear open for any approaching signs of danger.
Date Added
August 9, 2019
Date Taken
June 6, 2019