‘C’ is for Cute, Curious and Cunning

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 80D
10287712/1000000 sec. / ISO 400
Nearest Area
This Cute summer coated spring-born fox pup was a challenge to capture. After calling for several hours on and off in preparation for the evening light, and in anticipation of a predator I was grateful to see this young male pup come out of the shadows of the forest and into the light of a newly harvested hay field. The wind was bringing his scent towards me and mine away from him...perfect for me but he also knew that was the case. He did not know I was hiding in a hedgerow with my camera at the ready, but he DID know that whatever had been making that tempting 'squeak' noise was down wind and before alerting the noisemaker of his presence he needed to move out and around in order to disguise his presence and also to get a whiff of the potential prey. Cunning as he is even for a spring-born pup out on his own in the big world, once I calculated what he was up to I knew I needed to act or else he would smell me and I would be busted in the act! as he swung around nearly getting the advantage of the evening breeze I allerted him of 'my' presence not as a human but as dinner and begun my onslaught of squeaking and squealing and the Curiosity set in. He cam bounding and running through the hedgerow as straight as an arrow towards me quicker than I could adjust my settings on my camera. To put an end to my constant readjustment and aggressive finger tapping on my LCD screen I let out a sharp "oi" (typical Australian yelp for attention) and he stopped still giving me a chance at one quick photo.
Date Added
August 10, 2019
Date Taken
June 26, 2019