You called? Well now I am here

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 80D
6321928/1000000 sec. / ISO 6400
Nearest Area
National Park
I was fortunate enough to be in New Zealand with my girlfriend in 2018. Coming from the outback of Australia deer are a big novelty to me. As it was February and beginning to cool down in the region we were visiting I wanted to try my luck at calling in a Red Deer, you see this is the time of the year that the deer are beginning to mater known as "the roar" and so the males or "Stags" are susceptible to calls from other males or their females known as "hinds". Not long after midday I sat down in a location that my inexperienced soul told me would be a likely grazing location deep in the forest. I had put previous thought into the location using skills from other species, consideration was given to sunset angle, location of nearest water, altitude and seasonal grasses, topography of the area and angles of entry and exit of passing animals. Once I was set on where I would attempt my first time calling in a red deer stag I begun the several hour hike in. Now having been on location for most of the warmest daylight hours and with the evening winds blowing my scent away back home again I begun to call out using a cow horn and throat noises which had been quickly taught to me by a friend only days before. I had been calling for about an hour once every 20 minutes, and on the 3rd attempt I got a response from a male , so I begun my rant of calling now in 3 minute intervals and once after every answer back . soon I had a deer coming in hot! I used an old deer hunters trick I had read about years before and begun to beat up the tree next to me with a stick to sound like a male who was asserting his dominance... which definitely got the male coming in even hotter and fired up to fight. With Autumn daylight fading fast the male I had been communicating with for several hours now finally stomped out in the open to face his opponent, which much to his surprise turned out to be an Australian with a cow horn, camera and a stick to whack a tree with!!!
Date Added
August 10, 2019
Date Taken
June 1, 2018