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Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 80D
8643856/1000000 sec. / ISO 3200
Nearest Area
Now having spent several months in Sweden I am getting better at location scouting possible places to find Roe Deer, and once settling on location I am considerate of where the deer may live where they may feed and so on. After 3 previous visits to this specific location I have observed the local male (buck) and begun to map out his habits through distant observations. on this particular evening I calculated (a highly considered guess) where the local male would be feeding. I set myself up in a spot with good cover for camouflage and access for the camera lens to be easily manoeuvred. My calculation was quiet off... despite the male arriving into the field when expected, he was far from my well hidden self. The problem with my hiding spot was that I was at the mercy of my 'highly considered guess' and didn't allow for any relocating once a deer or 'the' deer had arrived. Plan B was invented quickly and implemented immediately, I would make the irresistible call of one of the female deer whom he had not yet begun to harass in the late summer rut. being weeks away id dint know if the rut call would temp him towards my camouflaged self or not but it was worth a try. Plan B has now been promoted to plan A1, I think the picture taken speaks for itself in how close he was willing to come to find his soon to be lover.. or an Australian hiding in a bush, of which he will never know. In a few weeks time when the Swedish summer takes a turn towards the stronghold of winter I believe I could call him just about onto my lap!
Date Added
August 10, 2019
Date Taken
August 6, 2019