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I had quite the time with this fur seal in Antarctica. My goal on this expedition was to capture as much of the varied wildlife as possible. We were all excited to see fur seals when we arrived at Damoy Point that morning. I can't say the same for my subject. We were told not to get too close as the seals could charge, but I'll do anything for the shot and ventured as close as I could while still giving myself enough distance for a safe getaway. This handsome fellow was taking advantage of a sunny morning on the rocky shore when I lined him up in my lens; but before I could shoot a frame, he turned and growled at me in a very cross voice. I was a bit startled and my first reaction was to take in what was happening, then I felt like I should respect his wishes and not take a photo. I let up and he went back to his nap. I moved around to photograph him from a different angle, hoping for a candid shot, but then the same thing happened. He knew exactly where I was and was having no part of it. It was a bit scary and exhilarating at the same time and it took me a minute to realize that what I was experiencing was a perfect photo op; I shouldn't be so worried about hurting his feelings. I lined up again, straight on this time, and sure enough he gave his final warning. He was upset to say the least, but it was the perfect moment to capture. I focused right on the inside of his mouth and snapped away several frames. There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity, so I skedaddled before he felt he needed to teach me a lesson. This was the most anxiety I've felt shooting wildlife, but now I've got the bug. :)
Date Added
August 10, 2019