The dance of the fireflies in the Emerald Forest

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Every year between the months of June and August, in the forests of the state of México takes place one of the greatest spectacles of nature, the sighting and the mating of the fireflies. Mexico has more than 93 registered species of fireflies with a significant number of them denominated endemic, thanks to the joint work of researchers, institutions, associations, land owners, local and federal authorities, has created a network of sanctuaries and sighting centers that seek to preserve and investigate the different species found in the country. Now the sanctuaries offer tourism that likes nature, the opportunity to witness a magical spectacle that can only be admired in few parts of the world . The environment lights up at nightfall thanks to the characteristic bio-luminescence of the species, millions of "lampyridaes", also called "bugs of light", dance among the undergrowth, the trunks and the meadows giving way to intermittent flashes of a neon yellow color that hypnotizes to own and strangers. The climatological conditions joined to the own flora of the place, are ideal so that the fireflies take advantage of the humidity acquired by the bark of the trees and bushes during the rainy season, to deposit their eggs. Only males can fly because females have very small wings that do not allow them to lift their weight, for each of them there is an average of 50 individuals that fulfill their reproductive cycle, through the flash of the so-called luciferin, males fly synchronized looking to seduce the female that is on the floor or in the bushes. Rainfall, forested areas with high humidity and the absence of factors such as noise, light and pollution are key for the correct development of the species and therefore for its conservation.
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August 10, 2019
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July 25, 2018