Airborne Pacific White-sided Dolphins

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 7D Mark II
10643856/1000000 sec. / ISO 1000
Nearest Area
Quadra Island
Heriot Bay
Taken with Canon 7D Mark II. Some cropping, and minor adjustments to brightness, color.
A pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins had been milling about in Drew Harbour, Quadra Island for much of the day, alternating between slow, leisurely circling and faster sprints. Towards the end of the afternoon, a signal went out through the pod and the dolphins began ramping up their activity levels. A few individuals breached, and then the pod began an accelerated race around the edge of the harbour with many of the dolphins exploding completely out of the water, as seen in this image. I was on shore at the water's edge, where I had been watching the dolphins for the previous 5 hours. I have never seen behavior quite like this before and couldn't help laughing at how incredible the experience had been once it was over.
Date Added
August 10, 2019
Date Taken
March 24, 2019