Photo Of The Day by Steve Perry

After The Storm by Steve Perry
After The Storm by Steve Perry


Steve Perry's photography has been recognized several times as the OP Photo Of The Day. He sent this image, called After The Storm to the Summer Landscapes Assignment. The Summer Landscapes Assignment has been extended through September 24th. Perry tells the story of getting this shot in the Smoky Mountains, "This is from one of my favorite overlooks in Smoky Mountains National Park. In fact, I like it so much I tend to stop there nearly every evening when I’m in the area. I’ve literally been to this overlook 20+ times over the last couple years – and the result was never what I thought it could be. Until this image a few weeks back. It had been a very stormy month in the mountains and when the lighting and thunder came though early evening, I knew I had a good chance. Although my hotel was nearly an hour’s drive away, I decided to go for it anyway. When I arrived, it was just magic. The wind was sweeping the clouds thorough the mountains, every minute changing the scene to something new. I was so mesmerized with the clouds drifting by I’m just glad I remembered to take a few snaps so I could share this with you"


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