Canon EOS 7D

A new D-SLR that looks tailor-made for nature photography
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The new Canon EOS 7D should be an outstanding camera for outdoor photographers. It features an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor and a shooting rate of up to 8 fps, as well as Canon’s next generation of full HD video with three frame rates. The new CMOS sensor gives you highly detailed landscapes, and its ample resolution lets you crop in on landscapes or wildlife. Wildlife and action photographers will like the APS-C sensor’s 1.6x focal-length factor, and a new AF system features improved subject tracking in continuous mode, ideal for subjects like flying birds, running game or mountain-bike action. And HD video capability lets you record your nature subjects in motion, with sound.



Image Sensor: 18.0-megapixel (effective) CMOS
Resolution: 5184×3456 pixels
Sensor Size: 11-point AF System
LCD Monitor: 3.0-inch, 920,000-dot Live View
Video Mode: Full HD 1920x1080p/30, 24 and 25 fps; HD 1280x720p/60 and 50 fps; SD 640x480p/60 and 50 fps
AF System: 19-point
Shutter Speeds: 1⁄8000 to 30 sec., X-sync up to 1⁄250 sec.
ISO Settings: 100-6400 (1⁄3 increments), expandable to 12,800
Continuous Firing Mode: 8 fps
Recording Format: JPEG, 14-bit RAW
Metering: 63-zone evaluative, 9.4% partial, 2.3% spot, CW
Power Source: SLB-1674 rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Estimated Street Price: $1,699
Contact: Canon USA, (800) OK-CANON,


    I was just in the Tokyo airport, and one of the little photo stores had three of them in stock, 2 of which were kits. Unfortunately, it was 179,000 yen for the body only – a little over $2k. I’ll wait for it to be in stock here for $300 less.

    So the 7D is out, should I consider it so that I can use all my EF-S and EF lenses or go for 5D MK2 with a bit more money but can only use EF lenses ..a tough decision.. I prefer a 5D MK III with all the features with the new 7D but in Full Frame…..

    Impressive but I too thought full frame. $1700 street price just a tad high for the APS-C sensor. New Battery??? Means new vertical grip?? My 50D will be my main stay for a while.

    Having been using a Rebel XT for over 3 years with a fair amount of success, I’m excited to try the 7D. The comment earlier about $1700 for an APS-C sensor is a little skewed. You’re actually paying for the dual processors more than the larger sensor, and compared to the price of a 50D you’re getting a lot for a little more money. I’ve been shopping around to upgrade my camera body and was looking at the 50D…until I read the reviews on the 7D.

    Totally BITES!!! that it’s not full frame!. I’ll wait for 5D MarkII to be replaced with Mark III, then get a 5D MII @ reduced cost. Megapixels don’t impress me as much as being able to use my sweet L series lenses on a full frame.

    “I prefer my 5D Mk II with a “full frame” sensor for landscapes. ”

    Me too. The 5D2 vs 7D noise comparison was not surprising, the 5D2 excelled especially at high ISO. I’m just not a crop sensor person I guess.

    I Just attended the Henry’s Photo Show in Mississauga, Ont. near Toronto. Canon had a large both there but wasn’t setup as well as it’s leading competitor. This would have a great oppotunity for folks to try out the new EOS 7D. I asked for a brochure on the camera and they didn’t have one but instructed me to go on online. Such a big show yet so little did Canon offer. I think I’ll be like many of the other writers here and wait for the 5D Mark III to come out. I would like to see Caonon compete more on noise reductions, focusing and color reproduction than video myself. It seems their competitior is more in step with the buying public and I’m a Canon guy with a large investment in Canon equipment.

    I’m getting sick and tired of people saying “well the technology is so much better than say the 50D.” Everybody has to realize that technology doesn’t make a good photographer. Back in the day nothing touched 35mm and the photos that the professional’s took with them are amazing. Now the cameras that are out are 20 to 50 times better then ever before and people are still complaining. I have a 50D and I am very happy with it. I have won contests with it against photographer’s that had 5D’s and 1D’s. So everybody who complains about the technology isn’t good enough, needs to back to photography school for more lesson’s.

    I shoot landscape in the Southwest, but I also shoot rodeo and bull riding for a web site, so my primary objective is speed in shooting action. My Rebel no longer cuts it though. I can get a 50D for a great price and am wondering if it is al I need or if there is some overriding rason I should buy a 7D. Budget is a big consideration. Any thoughts or experiences with them both would be appreciated.

    John, also says that he also shoots ???rodeo and bull riding for a web site, so my primary objective is speed in shooting action??_. Budget is a big consideration.?۝ The budget consideration would appear to rule out a full-frame sensor camera. Furthermore, with the 50D and the 7D, he would not need to use as long and heavy a lens as he would for a full-frame sensor camera to have the same reach. For continuous shooting, the 7D has slightly more fps than the 50D: 8 fps for the 7D vs. 6.3 fps for the 50D.

    That being said, I?۪m thinking of buying a 7D; but, I?۪m planning on waiting until I read some hands-on reviews before actually making a decision.

    John, the 7D IS a 1.6 crop factor camera. You’re probably referring to the view through the eyepiece which IS 100%. By the way, the 40D is also 1.6 crop factor just like the 50D, not 1.5 crop… that’s Nikon.

    I’ve been using a 7D for two weeks now and have the following observations:

    – The autofocus is superior in flexibility, speed and accuracy to 50D or 5D MkII

    – The noise at higher ISO is lower than the 50D

    – The HD video is more advanced than that of the 5D MkII

    – The 1.6 crop factor makes this camera very suitable for macro and telephotography (birs, wildlife etc.)

    and Yes, the end result depends on the photographer rather than the technology….

    I bought a 5DMII last year, This year Canon puts out the 7D

    with a new focus and metersystem. to bad the 7D isnt a full frame camera. It would be really nice to have the faster focus system and better metering on a full frame camera. I think next time I’ll not spend so much money and just put up with the 1.6 crop factor. I shoot sports and outdoors scenery…

    The lower end cameras are benefiting from the newer tech. and the trickle down factor.

    A nice article…it’s true that the latest features on the DSLR cameras will and are changing the way we photograph in a good way. I’m curious about that adobe lens that allow you to change the point of shooting and the DOF after you took the picture…i would like to read an article about that…until then, good light!

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