Sigma DP1

A compact digital camera with the sensor—and sensibility—of a D-SLR

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Sigma is best known for its wide line of lenses, but the company has also produced a series of film and digital SLRs. Now, it has taken the big sensor from its latest D-SLR and put it into a compact digital camera body with a lens designed specifically for the sensor. The compact size and D-SLR image quality make this a great camera when you want to travel very light.

Image Sensor: 14 (4.7 x 3) megapixel Foveon X3
Resolution: 2640 x 1760 x 3 pixels
Sensor Size: 20.7x13.8mm; 1.7x
AF System: 9-point contrast detection
Shutter Speeds: 15 to 1⁄1000
ISO Settings: 100-800
Continuous Firing Mode: 3 fps
Recording Format: JPEG, X3F (RAW)
Metering: Evaluative, CW, spot
Storage Media: SD, SDHC
Dimensions: 4.5x2.3x2.0 inches
Weight: 8.8 ounces
Estimated Street Price: $799

Contact: Sigma Corp., (631) 585-1144;

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    It difficult to praise Sigma cameras sufficiently for their quality and imagery. I used to have Leica and worked extensively with 4*5, and, even that legendary quality it dwarfed by Sigma equipment. I am a ???fan?۝ not without reason. They do have a better idea, and once you understand the technology the results are not surprising. A pixel is not just a pixel! It depends not just on the processing, but it?۪s source as well. Try it; you?۪ll like it!

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