Grand Prize: “Open Wide” By Conrad Peloquin

Photo of two fox kits

“We were scouting locations on San Juan Island for wildlife photography when we came across a massive field loaded with fox dens, so many that you had to look down as you walked, or you would soon find yourself in a world of trouble. Many of these dens seemed abandoned, but soon we spotted a mama fox and three of her kits emerge into the morning light.

“We watched and photographed these beautiful creatures who seemed oblivious to me or the camera. While keeping a distance, we watched as the babies frolicked and realized how similar baby fox behavior is to that of a toddler with lots of energy—so sweet and innocent. While I am so happy that I was able to capture these two kits rolling around and practicing their ferociousness, I also feel humbled and fortunate to have witnessed such a tremendous event in nature.”