Winner: “Sunset Marley 2” By Robert Henderson

“Marley is a black-maned African lion whose sire was the famous, original Bob Marley,” says Henderson. “He has formed a coalition with his brother, Bob Jr. Marley is the matinee idol handsome member of the coalition. His home range is in the Central Area of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. There was a full moon on this particular November evening, and we had been following the brothers in hopes of capturing them against the rising moon. It turned out the better view by far was simply taking advantage of the amazing light at the end of the sunset. The moon provided a silvery secondary light source for Marley’s open mouth yawn. A special thank you goes to our guide Anderson Kayle, who patiently tracked the lions all day and into the evening with me looking for the perfect shot.”

Canon EOS R6, EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM extender lens at 394mm, handheld. Exposure: 1/800 sec., f/5.6, ISO 25,600.