OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER is a national magazine published 11 times per year for enthusiasts with a special passion for nature, travel and outdoor sports. We take a fresh look at the modern photographic world by encouraging photography as part of a lifestyle associated with outdoor recreation. Editorial is intended to demystify the use of modern equipment by emphasizing practical use of the camera in the field, highlighting the technique rather than the technical. OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER is written and presented to accomplish two ends: to stimulate outdoor, sporting and nature enthusiasts to enhance their recreational and travel enjoyment through photography, and to satisfy the needs of amateur and professional photographers with a special interest in the outdoors.

Feature articles include:
1. Interviews and portfolio displays of accomplished professional and amateur photographers.
2. Non-technical equipment evaluations directed at outdoor use. Methods and techniques for using, transporting and maintaining photo equipment in the field.
3. Travel, destinations, photo tours, field courses, workshops. Submissions that OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER publishes in the “Favorite Places” section of the magazine also will be archived on the Website as a service to our readers.
4. New technologies, from traditional to digital, that help readers make better images.
5. Photographic instruction as it relates to outdoor interests and activities, including wildlife viewing, landscape, close-ups, nature, adventure and scenic travel, and outdoor sports such as backpacking, camping, canoeing/kayaking/rafting, skiing, climbing, surfing, bicycle touring, etc.

The majority of the magazine’s features and several departments are freelance-written and -photographed. We look for a variety of contributors from different backgrounds and geographic areas. Submitted manuscripts should be typewritten and double-spaced (a computer disk is fine, but we also need a hard copy for evaluation). Photographs (see Photographs for Submission guidelines below) must be protected for shipment and preferably sent by registered mail or other traceable means. We receive too many submissions to check if yours was received. If you need that information, use a verifiable delivery service. All submissions must be accompanied by an SASE. All work is submitted as speculation (see Terms and Conditions) unless specifically assigned in writing by an assignment letter. Return or notification of possible use can be expected in approximately two months. OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHERbuys one-time rights for publication in the magazine and on the magazine’s Website as part of our permanent archives. Payment is initiated on date of publication.

Since OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER is a photography magazine, we must see photos before any decision can be made on an article, so phone queries are not appropriate. Ultimately, whether or not we can use a particular piece will depend greatly on the photographs and how they fit in with material already in our files.

Via Email:

You’re welcome to send low-res images and article pitches to [email protected] for consideration. Due to the number of submissions we receive we can’t respond to them all, but if your submission is a fit for an upcoming issue, you’ll certainly hear from us. 

Via Mail:

1. For initial queries, we request photo submissions to be in the form of duplicate transparencies, photographic prints or high-quality inkjet printouts. Tear sheets from books or calendars also are acceptable. We do not accept original transparencies or negatives. Do not send photo submissions on disk or CD-ROM unless a hard copy index or proof sheet is included.
2. Your letter should include exactly what you wish to cover in your proposed article and a brief outline of the information or points you intend to include. The more specific you can be, the better we will be able to judge the merits of your idea.
3. If your story and photographs are selected for publication, we will decide whether or not to use the duplicates that you originally submitted or require new ones to be made for improved quality. Only on special occasions will we ask for original transparencies, and special arrangements will be made for their shipment and handling as well as insurance.
4. Often, we are overwhelmed by the great volume of submissions we receive for the limited number of pages available in any given issue of the magazine. We wish we could use all of the terrific work we receive. Unfortunately, we can’t. We try to get materials returned within approximately eight weeks. While OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER hopes to review and return unusable material as quickly as possible, our priority has to be producing each issue of the magazine. If photographs or manuscripts are deemed suitable for publication, they may be held for future consideration. Holding such materials does not automatically constitute an acceptance of terms and conditions printed on delivery memos, packing slips or similar correspondence.

Please limit submissions to approximately 20 photographs or less. We don’t need more than that to see the merit in an article idea. In fact, we consider the initial submission of too many photographs to represent the lack of necessary editing to present a selection that succinctly supports the subject being queried.
1. We accept all film formats, preferring 35mm, medium format and 4×5 for transparencies and 5×7 or 8×10 for prints. In all cases, we work with digital files and duplicate transparencies. We do not accept original transparencies or negatives. If, of your own accord, you choose to send originals, you do so only at your own risk. Realize that while we try to protect images sent to us on speculation, OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged photographic materials.
2. Since we do not accept original materials, OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER will not accept financial responsibility for lost or damaged original photographic materials, transparencies or negatives.

Your photographs will be carried, shipped and mailed by messengers, couriers and mail services while in transit to and from OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER and, in the case of use, by its vendors. All these carriers and vendors will decline coverage of “extraordinary value” for items like photographs. Under their policies (and in the case of mail services, no matter the amount of insurance purchased), photographs will be covered only for the replacement value of the film and processing. Therefore, it is impossible forOUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER to warrant against damage or loss while photographic or written materials are in our office or in transit. When returning materials to a contributor, the class of mail will be determined by the amount of postage provided for on the SASE enclosed with the submission.

OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER assumes no responsibility for solicited or unsolicited contribution materials unless otherwise agreed to in writing over our signature as detailed under Photographs for Submission in these guidelines. OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER does not automatically accept or agree to the conditions and stipulations printed on delivery memos, packing slips and related correspondence as they are presented without prior notice when accompanied by submission materials. OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER does not accept the premise that any and all transparencies or negatives are automatically worth a minimum of $1,500 as suggested by some photographic organizations, especially since we make a policy of not accepting original material and any original material sent to us is at the photographer’s risk. Exceptions to this disclaimer of liability on the part of OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHERmust be prearranged, executed in writing and signed by both parties prior to the shipment of materials in question. Again, this policy is for your protection as well as ours.

THANK YOU FOR THE CONTRIBUTIONS! We value your article ideas and photographic offerings. With your help, OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER continues to be vital, informative and unpredictable.