Craft & Control In Photoshop

Interpret a scene optimally to match your vision of the subject

Craft & Control In PhotoshopOne of the great challenges for any nature photographer is to use photographic tools, such as lens, filter, film, flash and digital camera choices, to control the photographic process so that you can interpret the world true to how you saw the scene. Perhaps an even greater challenge, though, is to use tools with discretion and craft—in other words, use that lens choice in a way that enhances the subject, the filter so that its use doesn’t overpower the subject, the film so colors aren’t garish and the flash so it doesn’t look alien.

On these pages, you’ll see an approach to using Photoshop that applies that craft to the digital darkroom, inspired by the great darkroom workers such as Ansel Adams. This is based on the new book Outdoor Photographer Landscape and Nature Photography with Photoshop CS2 (which includes a chapter about using Adams’ disciplined approach in Photoshop).

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