10 Ways To Work With The Light You’re Given

Make the most of less-than-ideal lighting conditions when photographing wildlife subjects
10 Ways To Work With The Light You’re Given

In a perfect photographic world, with every trip into the field you’d easily encounter the species you want to photograph, it would be cooperative, it would be in an area with an exquisite background, it would make constant eye contact, its young would come out and play, its mate would join in—you get the idea. Of course, the light would also be perfect! For me, it’s all about the light. But since this isn’t how the world works, we sometimes have to take the light we’re given. Day by day, hour by hour and even minute by minute, light can change. It’s with this in mind I share with you the differences in light and the differences it can make in capturing successful images. Additionally, when it’s not perfect, try some of the suggestions below to use the light you’re given to your best advantage.

Photography is what motivates me to move through life in a positive way. Photography is ͞All About The Light͟ and it’s the first thing I seek out before I press the shutter. Optimally, I pursue great subjects in great light, but if there’s an ordinary subject in great light, I still press the shutter. I love to share the photographic knowledge I’ve accumulated and I hope my enthusiasm is contagious so I can motivate others to feel the same way I do about my photography.

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