Patience and Persistence

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Patience and Persistence paid off.

Good photography necessitates learning about composition, lighting, exposure, cameras, lenses, flash, filters ....... the list goes on. It also requires an understanding and knowledge of the subjects you shoot. Equally as important, yet often overlooked in the recipe of great image making is having patience and persistence. Whether you photograph a still life in the studio or a wild animal on the plains of Africa, both are required virtues.

Patience and persistence reward those who persevere. This could come in the form of waiting out the perfect light, passing the time when an animal decides to bed down, spending hours reading photography magazines, or watching a Photoshop DVD. All require an investment of time. But the greatest rewards are often bestowed upon those who dedicate the longest hours.

Bedded down - ordinary shot.

The accompanying images of the bull moose came as a result of both patience and persistence. It was our last morning in the Tetons before having to make the drive home to Denver. I brought my photo participants to one of my favorite locations for moose. Upon arriving, we saw the bull bedded down. In speaking with the photographers who were already there, we were informed that he recently assumed his prone position. Decision making time - should we be patient and persistent or jump in the van and get an early start on our 9 hour drive? Being someone who practices what they preach, I let everyone know we’ll be home later than expected.

While we were waiting for the bull to get up and display bull moose like behavior, the photographers who stayed talked shop and shared information about their gear, where and what they shot the past few days, and even some educational gems regarding the mannerisms of moose during the rut. So during our down time, we learned more about photography and where to go to get more shots. The moral of the story is those who left early missed out on both the photography and the learning - patience and persistence do pay off!



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