Does Sensor
Size Matter?

How to evaluate the advantages
of full-frame versus smaller sensors
when choosing a camera
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Macro Vision

When, where and how
to explore the wonders of
close-up photography
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Improve your photography with
pro techniques and insights
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Keeping Your
Photos Safe

Our four-part guide to
smart backup procedures to
protect your photo library
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Ansel's Public Works

Download our free retrospective of
Adams' work as a muralist for the
U.S. Department of the Interior
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Into The Wild

Behind the scenes with
David Yarrow and his unconventional
approach to wildlife photography
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Classes, Tours &

Plan your next photo adventure and
learn from the pros in stunning locations!
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Favorite Places:
Bear River Bird Refuge

Sanctuary for migrating birds
in Box Elder County, Utah
Explore This Favorite Place

On Location

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The Future Of Nature Photography

A conversation about what’s on the horizon for outdoor photographers as more people enter the field, enabled by innovations in technology.

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Amongst Giants

Landscape photographer Ted Gore circles the globe creating stunning images of the majestic and the mundane.

Photography Gear

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canon EOS 90D review: image of Gerbera daisy
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Canon EOS 90D Review For Nature And Wildlife

Upgraded sensitivity and resolution—plus 4K video and in-camera focus bracketing—make this mid-range camera an excellent choice for nature and wildlife photography.

Image of a waterfall taken with the Hasselblad X1D II
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Hasselblad X1D II For Landscape Photography

The second generation of Hasselblad’s compact mirrorless medium format camera isn’t for everyone, but the image quality is superb.

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Tips & Techniques

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Macro Background Tips
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6 Creative Macro Background Tips

I primarily photograph wildlife. This means I seldom work in a controlled environment. I love the challenge of capturing subjects…

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How To Create Images Of Animals With Impact, Part 2

I’m a stout proponent of less is more when it comes to my photography. This is the point of this…

Pro Perspectives

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example of abstract nature photography: eucalyptus bark
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Abstract Nature Photography

Abstract photographs ask viewers to solve a riddle, engaging them more deeply with the image.

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Close-Up And Close To Home

You don’t have to go far to practice macro photography. It’s the subject that’s available year-round without leaving home. Here’s how to get started.

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